1. Bob says:

    Church history itself is a strong reflection of the Word’s light. That scarlet thread through time gives us comfort and support in our beliefs, not to mention an amazement in the providence of God.

  2. Esther says:

    I think you should be specific about WHAT radio program that ridiculously unbiblical slam against everything-but-scripture-and-his-radio-show was aired on. That particular show is being advertised as a wonderful alternative to news radio on a popular radio talk show, and ought to be shown up as what it is…an embarrassment to proper hermeneutics and bad preaching.

  3. The problem with the “Scripture is sufficient” line is that it doesn’t state what it is sufficient for. The Bible does not pretend to be a complete handbook of science or a how-to-write-a-novel text. It is sufficient for what it intends, however, and nothing should supplant it or be added to it.

    As you said in your last comment to last week’s post, Stephen, we agree in far more than we disagree. I took issue (and still do) with the idea that we cannot know what God wants us to do here and now, today — that we can only know what His specific will for individuals was after the fact. I find that 1) too restrictive of God; and 2) too presumptuous that we can think we know how He works will all people because of how He works with us.

    It reminds me of Peter walking with the resurrected Christ and seeing John following. What about him, he asked. And Christ said, essentially, None of your business. My plans for him are my plans for him. You take care of what I’ve told you.

    Should we wait around for a “word” from God? Sometimes — if He’s told us to wait. But who’s to say if He has or not? That’s between Him and the individual Christian.

    Should we say to one another, You should wait, or go, or write, or publish. I don’t think so. I agree that this is not Biblical prophecy. I doubt seriously that God tells one person what another should do. It isn’t the way He worked in the Bible, apart from prophets telling people to repent.

    Even when the prophet confronted Paul and tried to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem because he’d be incarcerated, it appears that God told Paul what He wanted him to do even as He prepared the church by revealing what was to be.

    Should we writers tell others we are called to write? There’s the question. I actually don’t like the fact that I’ve gone public with this because I don’t think it’s a matter for anyone else. I don’t think God calling me tells another single person on this earth anything. It’s between Him and me. I’ve shared it with friends before because it is a high motivation and because I’ve needed prayer to be obedient.

    I feel passionate about this call, but I feel just as passionately that I don’t know what God will do with what I write. Perhaps He calls others to publish. That’s between them and God, and yes, I would expect Him to verify that call by also calling a publisher to publish the work. He can do that surely.

    But I think it is so wrong for an author to deduce that God’s call to write a piece gives that individual a license to by-pass the normal avenues to publication, to dictate to agents or editors, to be rude, judgmental, demanding, or any of the other things we’ve all heard about. Those things, I believe, say most loudly, this person isn’t hearing everything God has said — the stuff, for example, that’s in black and white!


  4. Kaci says:

    Heh. The radio host situation reminds me of something a girl who listens to Way of the Master told me about. Evidently Point of Grace had a song out a couple years ago (I could find the lyrics, but I’d have to hunt for it) with an admittedly odd (meaning somewhat silly) chorus. The thing is, the Way of the Master guys were mocking PoG for the song. I admit it was an odd choice of chorus. I find the hosts’ comments highly inappropriate, especially given they’re now guilty of mocking sisters in Christ. Scripture has plenty to say about that. And either way, why fault an artist for deciding to write and record a song just for the fun of it?

    Anyway. I’ll come back when I remember the rest of what I intended to say…. 0=)

    Edit: Ah, here’s a link to the song lyrics. And my friend was wrong; the part they were mocking isn’t even the chorus as claimed. http://tinyurl.com/5sr8avl

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