1. I love to read how different authors found their story. Good post, Kathy 🙂

  2. Okay, this is all absolutely fascinating!  Now I must read your book.  🙂

  3. Oooh, this is fascinating!  I love playing with alternate history, and I’d wondered since reading Fusion Fire (way back in 2004, I think!) if Ehret and Netaia’s histories were related to ‘ours’ at all!  Glad to know my suspicions were correct 🙂

     I just want to say, though, there are two stories that have impacted my decision to write – Lord of the Rings inspired my imagination, but the Firebird series (the first three, haven’t had chance to read the new ones yet) were the ones that made me need to tell my own stories.

  4. Galadriel says:

    I thought I read Firebird…maybe it was a different novel with the same name? Because the one I read had a woman with a genetic disorder who had come to another planet in hopes of under-cover treatment…
    *sets off to Google*

  5. CTF Devourer says:

    I really enjoyed reading the first 3 years ago, especially that first one! It was such a beautiful picture of God’s love and His amazing design of marriage!  I’m eager to read these new ones now too! I have the old ones sitting on my shelf – treasures I found at library booksales. 🙂

  6. Kessie says:

    Now, did Firebird start out as a Star Wars novel? Because the good guys are very Jedi and the bad guys are very Sith. Also lightsabers. 🙂
    Also, I noticed that you beat up on Brennan a LOT. Is he your favorite character? I had to stop reading after book 2, because I liked Bren so much, and I was becoming distressed about the awful stuff he went through in book 2. (Like, watching-Toy-Story-3-for-the-first-time distressed.)

    • I noticed that you beat up on Brennan a LOT.

      Oddly enough, I had recalled a lot of violence done to Brennan in book 2, Fusion Fire, when I first read that volume (Bethany House all-in-one version). When I re-read the book, though (Marcher Lord Press The Annotated Firebird), the violence seemed less. My guess is that little changed in the substance; I had simply become “desensitized.”

  7. Joanna W says:

    Hi Kathy — it’s me again 😀
    First, @ Burnett, Brennen gets beat up in every book he’s in 😀 — from Phoenia and her sonic stuff on. He tries to die so many times 😀
    @ Kathy — now that it’s officially finished, any chance you would be willing to release onto your website some of your Brennen backstory? — what did happen at Gemini?

  8. Emilie says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Now that you are done with this series – I can’t wait to read this last book that I’m saving for vacation – is a continuation of the Shivering World story something that you’re considering?  I’ve always wondered what happened next!

  9. […] “what-if’s?” of a situation.  Kathy Tyers, a long-time favorite author of mine recently did a guest post on the Speculative Faith blog.  In it, she describes some of the “what-if” behind her ideas for her Firebird […]

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