1. notleia says:

    I only have a pop cultural knowledge of Rick and Morty, but it seems to have a lot in common with Adventure Time, which I do like. The absurdities, the surprise humor, the fact it has more to do with ideas and feelings but no so much logic.

    Apparently Hulu has the first couple of seasons, but also apparently Hulu no longer lets you watch some old stuff as freebies (grumble grumble). Guess that means I’d have to fish around the internet for something that wasn’t copyright-blocked.

    For people who like this style, I’d also recommend Bee and Puppycat, especially because Puppycat is voiced by a Vocaloid program (subtitled onscreen) and it’s somehow frickin’ brilliant.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    I haven only seen bits of Rick and Morty and was turned off by what I saw as excessive zaniness. But now I know there is a purpose behind the show, a deeper idea. Unfortunately, a nihilistic one.

    Yes, it seems impossible for people to actually function in a universe in which everything is actually meaningless. Either that’s because God created us to be something more, or because of a tragic accident of evolution we can do nothing about. Of course I believe the very existence of reason and language and the fact we can even discuss this issue points to the former.

    Thank you for sharing your observations on this show. I found it fascinating!

  3. Aaron A. Schlegel says:

    So awesome that you are covering this show. I have never watched the show myself but I watch Wisecrack’s philosophical analysis of the episodes. The circular reasoning and contradictory nature of Nihilism is depressing. It is a poison that kills people slowly, so glad that you are shining a light on the absurdity of the philosophy of this popular show. Rick and Morty shows me that people are hurting and looking for answers, for a reason, for a purpose. Fortunately we have the opportunity and chance to show people that the answers, reason, and purpose can be found in Christ. Can’t wait to read your further thoughts!

  4. King Jellybean sounds like a celebrity as well as a monarch.

    Have you read The Dark Tower, Parker? This unfinished MS by C.S. Lewis seemed to tackle the multiverse. Sadly he never finished it. A lot of evangelical pearl clutchers say Lewis couldn’t have written it.

    Why? It was too DARK and like all good Christian writers Lewis only wrote sweet, little fairy tales about plush lion toys and tinsel in the back of your closet. Lol

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