1. Alyssa says:

    Great review! I loved this movie, but I loved the book even more. While there is much more profanity in the book (and so I can’t recommend it to most people) when I read it I couldn’t help but be struck by the beautiful big ideas there. (Spoilers ahead). The cause of the disease: the sickness and sin of humanity unleashed it. The cure? Forgiveness and love, of course. I agree, the author is talking about the power of loving of each other (not always romantic love in the book though) – which I actually think is an important statement as well – but additionally the parallel (or unintentional metaphor, if you will) to the gospel message is unmistakably there too. Love brings the “dead” back to life, and love is the cure to this “death” that has infected humanity: “It’s happening, corpse. Whatever you and Julie triggered, it’s moving. A good disease, a virus that causes life! Do you see this, you dumb monster? It’s inside you! All you have to do is get out of these walls and spread it!”

  2. notleia says:

    I’m so very tired of the zombie genre, but while Warm Bodies looked like a welcome spoof, I’m also glad it has some thematic substance and isn’t just trying to be another Shaun of the Dead.

    But can we put a moratorium on the apocalypse genre, unless you go full Hideo Kojima on it like the new vidya Death Stranding? (Tho KH3 proves that he isn’t above spectacle over substance) Just stahp.

  3. I’m not super into zombie stories, though I will watch/read them now and then. Post apocalyptic settings are pretty cool, though, even if I’m not always into the zombie related ones.

    A lot of times the ‘power of love and friendship!!!’ stories tend to make those themes seem pretty cheesy, so that kind of makes me a little hesitant about Warm Bodies, but maybe some day I’ll watch it just because.

    This post is reminding me that I need to reset my password on http://arillio.com/ so that I can play again. There aren’t many players and it’s still sort of in development, but for those wanting a virtual pet and roleplaying site surrounding survival and/or a post apocalyptic setting, this is probably a good one.

  4. Travis Perry says:

    Yeah, you’d think Christian authors would really seize hold of the idea of coming back from being a zombie, not because of romantic love, but the love of Christ, like you suggested.

    But I haven’t seen any of us doing that yet…have you?

    If not, would you ever write something like that? I might…

    • Marian Jacobs says:

      I read a Christian zombie book years ago (can’t remember the title), but I couldn’t get through it. The plot was all over the place. K.B. Hoyle’s Gateway Chronicles have some zombie-like creatures in them that have an opportunity to come back to life in the end. That’s the closest that I’m aware of.

      And it’s not completely off the table for me to do a story like that in the future. Although it would not be very gruesome like most tend to be. Probably more post-apocalyptic with a side of zombies.

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