1. Becky Smith says:

    Great show and great article! This is a rare show in that it makes you think about the interactions you have with the people you love.

  2. Brad Bass says:

    Nice article and I agree this is a well-done and emotionally moving series. However, one nit. I don’t think the creators were saying that she could “balance” her sins with the healing she brought with her letters. Rather that she should go on living because there was still good she could do.

  3. Autumn Grayson says:

    I’m only about half to three fourths through this series so far. I like it, but it hasn’t hit me that hard emotionally. Not sure if that’s mainly because of the mood I’m in while I watch it or if the exact way they try to set the mood doesn’t quite work for me. The show does feel rather slow, and I’m used to watching super tragic stuff, so I guess I’ll just blame it on that. That said, the animation is really nice and I do love the story it’s trying to tell. Hopefully it’ll hit me harder if I rewatch it at a later point in life.

    Since Violet Evergarden isn’t a Christian story, maybe it’s more about self care, self healing and forgiving one’s self than actually atoning for sin? Maybe by writing those letters, she can feel like she is a positive force in the world and thus forgive herself and live a good life, rather than each letter tallying up to an amount she needs for atonement?

    • notleia says:

      I agree with you that atonement is not really the main focus of the story. More time was spent on her learning How to Emotion. Her motivation for becoming a Doll rather than a deliveryman was because she wanted to understand what “aishiteru” (I love you) meant, because it was the last thing the Major said to her.

  4. Vista Townsend says:

    I watched the show and agree it really pulls on the emotions. Characters were well-rounded, pondering their own problems. By Violet helping others, she allowed herself to become more “human” emotional. I’m hoping there will be a second season.

  5. audie says:

    Prepares yourselves. There is a movie coming. January 2020.

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