1. Colleen Snyder says:

    A TV series that comes closest to this one would have been “Along Came Bronson.” He, too, was an observer more than a participant. Although there was (as I remember) more resolution, there was also that feel of “he’s leaving, and nothing changes” in some of the episodes. Having nothing change flies in the face of our sense of “we all have a purpose; we all are important; we all make a difference.” If my coming and going has no impact on anyone, then what is it for? I’ve not seen the series (nor read the books) but from your analysis would wonder does the character change based on what she sees? Is she moved, does she grow, is her mind opened, based on the places she goes? Or is she still the same, and the experiences are merely interesting interludes in an otherwise passive existence? Wondering.

    • Autumn Grayson says:

      This poem has something to say about the lack of change/impact a person makes 😛
      Though there are some instances where I definitely disagree with the poem. I know a few people that wish they were a little more dispensable so they could feel free to retire.

    • Audie Thacker says:

      There is some change in the character of Kino from when she first becomes a traveler. And she isn’t completely passive; rather, it’s mostly that she’s not very meddlesome.

  2. Autumn Grayson says:

    Sounds like a very interesting story. It’s fun to hear about something that takes a different stylistic approach, rather than setting itself apart solely through an unusual plot or world building factor.

  3. Anyone here seen Over the Garden Wall?
    I’ve only seen the first episode so far. Stars the voice of Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood.)

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