1. Sounds interesting. And the ‘demons’ are probably more like yokai, or some other thing from Japanese legends. People insist on calling yokai demons, and it bugs me a bit since they’re very different.

    • My parents still can’t think of Pokémon as anything but literal spiritual demons.

      • I guess we can thank the translators for that. Yokai and other such things do have to do with Japanese religion, though, so it can be a spiritual matter, just not the one they’re thinking. But most people probably don’t research into Pokémon enough to learn of and be affected by the yokai part.

    • notleia says:

      I think the actual word used was “oni,” which translates more like “ogre.”

      SPOILERS: They look like they came off the set of the Aliens franchise. But no in-universe explanation yet, but I’m leaning towards aliens, because the rest of this is sci-fi flavored.

      But this show is actually pretty good at keeping you guessing.

      • Shrek made it harder for me to take the idea of ogres seriously in this context 😛 I probably need to do more research on the actual ogre legends to fix that. Along with what the differences between yokai and oni are.

        It’s so much nicer when translators use the actual Japanese words for these creatures, though, since these creatures are different than the Western comparisons that are made. And, it’s just more educational to use the actual Japanese word.

  2. Is the line about RPG dice a metaphor? Or does the show break the fourth wall and tell viewers to roll for damage? I’m confused.

    • Audie Thacker says:

      Metaphor, based on how a lot of people I know responded to events in the show, including me.

      • Is the ‘Share Review’ button under the reviews tab working properly? I tried sending in a review I wrote of Rachel Starr Thomson’s Seventh World Trilogy, but got an error message.

        • Audie Thacker says:

          I’m not sure. Things sometimes act strangely from one browser or OS to another. There should be a way to contact one of the leaders here, maybe through the Feedback form, or the Facebook page.

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