1. Love this!…because I love the Avengers. 😀  Fictional heroes are amazing because they remind me of the real Hero who died for me.  I grew up in the church, but it took a strangely long time for it to dawn on me that Jesus is an actual REAL hero – emphasis on the “real” part, because I always knew He was a hero.  But unlike speculative fiction heroes, He is true and touchable and worthy of all worship, an actual human being we are *supposed* to adore and admire with all our hearts.  It’s very hard to describe what I mean here…but that revelation was mind-boggling to me.

  2. Julie D says:

    Can we PLEASE have discussion of how the MCU TV shows fit into it? I know the DC has Flash and Arrow and Gotham (not even all on the same network) but Agents of Shield has gone from reacting to Winter Soldier to setting up plot elements for Inhumans (five or so years down the road).

    Agent Carter (I’m specifically thinking about Dottie and related elements) provided background for events that are still in play in the modern day MCU, instead of just playing filler.

  3. Julie D says:

    And the idea of following characters, rather than plot, is what really enthralls me about Agents of Shield. I saw a quote:

    “The movies will be about the giant who crushes a building; the show will be about the people whose building is crushed.”  Maurissa Tancharoen, one of the directors of Agents of Shield

    Coulson has the same ideals, the same dedication, as Steve Rogers; he just doesn’t have the same abilities.  And how Coulson reacts to the fall of Shield, how he responds when everything he’s dedicated himself to is believed to be rotten and hollow–it’s utterly fascinating. You don’t need a hero at war with himself to make him interesting. A good man can find all the conflict necessary for a story by just living, by trying to hold to the truth in a world of lies and deceptions.

    And (vague spoilers for post 2×10 here),  the heroic journey of another character gains a whole new perspective because it isn’t expected, it’s not like the films where one knows Stark is going to be Iron Man,  that Rogers is going to be Captain America. It’s a journey that the character resists and the audience doesn’t really know how it’s going to end….

  4. Love this, because I love everything related to Marvel!

    I think the MCU was a brilliant move on Marvel’s part. That’s what captures my imagination most about the Marvel movies and TV shows, and every time I think of how they all connect and are part of a larger picture, it blows my mind. I love how the plotlines interweave and that something in one movie has implications for later movies. The way SHIELD tied into Captain America: Winter Soldier and how even way back in Avengers the tension between Cap and Iron Man foreshadows the plot of Captain America: Civil War.

    On top of all that, what’s better than having so many dynamic characters interact? That’s where the Avenger movies shine.

    Marvel took a chance doing something unheard of, and now it’s paying off.

    Anxiously awaiting May 1.

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