1. notleia says:

    I guess we can all point to CS Lewis and his “Christian art doesn’t come from bishops[…]in their spare time.” Dobson could probably expound on the decline of “the family” in his sleep, but I’d guess that he doesn’t know how thrillers work.

    • Adam Graham says:

      I think that was the big problem. Dobson understood a novel could be a powerful way to communicate an idea, but didn’t seem to get that for anyone to read it other than his core base, it had to be good. He brought on a co-author, but the co-author also hadn’t written fiction, so I’m not certain what the point was. I think he has some good core ideas in terms of how the world will look, and at least one solid character in Julia Davidson-Simmons, but really not a whole lot to go with it. I think there’s a wisdom to the Tim LaHaye approach. He needed a Jerry Jenkins to make the Left Behind books work. And I think Dobson really needed someone like that to make this work.

    • That is exactly the quote that came to my mind, notleia.

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