1. Kessie says:

    I can’t bear to watch old Who because of the campy special effects, but I’ll bet I could tolerate the radio drama. I can paint in all the mental special effects I like. Do Daleks still sound utterly obnoxious?
    I’m glad the 12th Doctor is a bit older this time. I always felt the new Whos were too young, somehow. (And the companions, too. Only Donna seemed sort of the right age.)

    • Adam Graham says:

      In addition to the Sound Tracks, bigfinish.com has hundreds of Doctor Who radio dramas with the 4th-8th doctors reprising their prior roles. It’s pretty interesting.

  2. Julie D says:

    If anyone is interested in other classic episodes,  I have a link to some good reconstructions.   But it’s cool to have more mention of classic who.

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