1. notleia says:

    Sweet, except I can’t remember where Cartoon Network streams its stuff (I don’t pay for cable/sat). Hulu? Maybe I need to unbend and get/pay for Hulu. I can also catch up on my beloved HGTV trash and yell at house hunters and their questionable priorities.

  2. LoriAnn says:

    I adore this show with a deep and abiding passion. I first watched just after earning my English degree, and getting to view it while still in a mindset of literary examination and interpretation just made it so much more rich and delicious.

  3. This show is SO SO good. It has so many layers to it that I could watch it a hundred times and not pick up on them all. It’s also heartwarming, surprising, and extremely funny, as well as gorgeous to look at. And the characters are all flawed but enormously loveable, too — the irrepressibly sweet and trusting (but also exasperating) Greg with his Frog of Many Names, Wirt with his depression and anxiety (and terrible but heartfelt poetry), and Beatrice’s sarcasm and self-doubt.

    Plus, the music! “Potatoes and Molasses” is an all-time classic in our household, with a reprise (“Potatus et Molassu”) that will shatter your heart. A great article about a great series!

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