1. I want to see this movie, but since I never care about spoilers, I plowed right through your warning :p

    Just from some of the clips I’ve seen, it seems worth it even just for the visuals. I’m kind of used to there being weird, impractical things or inconsistencies in films if the audience pays enough attention, so maybe this film will be ok as long as the issues aren’t too glaring. Maybe they can even be explained away to make the audience feel better. Perhaps the inconsistencies in the magic is because there’s actually more than one entity involved. Or maybe the magic is insane. IDK.

    Thing is, there haven’t been a lot of mainstream movies I’ve been into lately, so from that standpoint this one is just one of the few I’m mildly interested in.

  2. The skeleton in the royal closet wasn’t the dam – everyone knew they made the dam, even if they didn’t know the true intention behind it. It was that their grandfather started the “war” by sneaking up from behind and killing an innocent person, out of prejudicial fear. And Anna had to destroy the dam in order to redeem her people – to show they weren’t bound by the same fear her grandfather had been. And it was her willingness to sacrifice Arendelle that earned the forgiveness that allowed Elsa to save Arendelle after all. (That’s my interpretation anyway.)

    As for why did the king bothered building the dam if he was just going to start a war anyway? I don’t think he was originally – he killed the leader because the leader realized the dam was suffocating the magic and wanted the dam removed. (Now the whole concept behind the dam being a good way to hurt the Northuldra is convoluted, but no worse than many another movie out there.)

    Overall, I thought the movie carried a powerful lesson regarding what to do when you don’t know what to do, even in the face of loss and grief — doing the next right thing. And I’ll take a positive message like that, even with an uneven plot, over something fantastically plotted but with a shoddy message anyday.

  3. Jes Drew says:

    I agree that the music and animation was stunning. But, boy, did the story need work. And maybe a little less paganism too.

  4. One critic compared the plot of Frozen II to Annihilation. A horror novel/movie.

    Evil is spreading out from the enchanted forest. To save their world, the heroes journey into the forest but don’t return unchanged.

  5. Micah Harris says:

    It’s a bit muted…but there’s a comment from the murdered Northuldra leader and the grandfather that implies the dam cut them off from the north, which would mean Ahtohallan I think. If I’m right, it makes sense about why the magic forest was starting to suffer; it wasn’t just a lack of water. I found Frozen 2 to be a sketch of Biblical redemption, from the fall to the death and resurrection of Christ to a renewed creation. Anyone interested in my thoughts, please visit my blog essay, “The Gospel According to Olaf” at https://minorprofitpress.com/blog/

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