1. dmdutcher says:

    I recommend Christians to sit down and read the book of Enoch. Reading it helps to show why we consider some books canonical and some not. Like one thing a lot of books on Nephilim seem to skate over is that they are described as being 3000 ells (roughly 4500 feet!) tall. Another thing is that God refuses the petition of the Watchers by Enoch, which really doesn’t jell with how He tends to accept people who repent in both old and new testaments.

    If you are a gamer, surprisingly there is a game that also deals with the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim. It’s called El Shaddai: Ascent of the Metatron, and it’s good, if trippy. On PS3 and Xbox 360.

    I’d still like to read Brian’s book in spite of the review. The romance thing is interesting; usually there’s literally no concept of anything but the most chaste romantic love in any Christian books, and “I kissed dating goodbye” still informs too much of our thinking. I think it’s better that Christian writers try to tackle subjects and make mistakes than not.

    • Oh, the subject of sexuality gets tackled, alright. If you know what I mean. *tee hee!* And, boy howdy, has the pendulum swung!

      More on that front with my forthcoming David Ascendant review.

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