1. dmdutcher says:

    Finally got to see this. The Watanabe quote is odd because the creatures aren’t a judgement of nature on man. They are explained as eating radiation that naturally existed during the prehistoric days. It was more our ill luck we happened to harvest that power. The MUTO are also traditional animals who belong to an old ecology. Our nuclear plants are the equivalent of raising feed animals for them.

    The EMP honestly felt like cheating. A lot of this movie tended to cheat things. It cut off battle scenes, and really didn’t give much explanation of why that made sense. Given the reproductive potential and sheer staggering size of the monsters, you wonder how any ecology could have developed at all. The EMP was just there is we didn’t see  big battle scenes with the army. Watanabe trusts Godzilla and opines on what he is without any real reasoning behind it.  Kind of half-assed a lot, and it’s weird to see lower budget G films have more of a consistent worldview behind them.

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