1. Luke says:

    There is NO such thing as (in my biased opinion) “unbiased opinion” ,”unbiased review” or anything “unbiased”
    Every person, every human being is completely different than the other.
    We may try, we may think we don’t add our personals into the text, but then how is the text written ?
    By us! It is OUR text, we used OUR brain to write it. Our perception of the world will always be individual, and …biased…not even voluntary.
    Said that, i do read reviews, and recommendations but in certain fields i simply need to get a sample or even full product to really judge.
    Music is perfect example.  I buy an album, i like it, i love some parts, and later i read a review that says that the parts i love actually sucks. (for the reviewer)
    Music is one those fields where all reviews should be called simply “what i think, what i like”.
    I read them though as there are some valid points made, and seeing things from others perspective is good for understanding other generals about the topic. I take them into account, but nothing more.

  2. Luke, I don’t completely agree. Yes, as you and I both said, recommendations are opinions. But some opinions are informed by study or experience and therefore should carry more weight.

    That doesn’t mean I have to like what experts might say is a perfectly written story. The content might clash with my worldview, for example, or the type of story might not be the kind I like. In that case, the person making the recommendation isn’t wrong, but his evaluation didn’t take into consideration things important to me.

    Those are things we need to keep in mind, I think, when we read reviews and recommendations.



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