1. Stephen, I’ve watched you slide down this path of carnality long enough. Nothing is more “fantastical” than your tragic attempts to sanctify your idols.

    Repent my friend.  Please? Before that spirit of unholy slumber sets so deep you’ll never get free.

    • Greg, that comment makes no sense. You’ve literally just read (at least, I presume you read) a piece that argues against idolatry and for an intentional Christ-exalting reception of good gifts through the word and prayer. And then you make this declaration. You might as well talk up to a street preacher who is proclaiming “repent and believe in Jesus” to passersby, get in his face, and demand that he repent and believe in Jesus.

      This approach is also inappropriate and outright unwise. “Watched you slide down this path of carnality”? No, you have not. You have apparently been hoodwinked by a sense of false intimacy thanks to our previous debates and discussions (though many of them have been more positive). The internet is not a local church and you are not a teaching elder here. Nor are we personal accountability partners. Certainly any Christian struggles with various sorts of idolatry, just as you do. What I write about are biblical means of fighting this idolatry, particularly regarding issues of popular cultures and stories.

      What you are attempting here has nothing to do with “holiness” or “fighting compromise” and everything to do with some kind of gadfly-ism, and/or some form of digital Don Quixote complex. I’m not sure what else to call it.

  2. notleia says:

    IME, “Xian” is a pretty commonly used abbreviation for “Christian,” in the tradition of “Xmas.” It’s actually not that blasphemous: X is also the Greek letter chi, which “Christ” starts with.

    But I do think he does have a legit point in that one shouldn’t impose Christian categories on everything. Maybe you can just get away with that in a Western-cultured show like Doctor Who, but it does a disservice to shows with bigger cultural divides than religious US/mainstream Britain.

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