1. Galadriel says:

    I have seen some of the older Thomas Kinkade work, although I wasn’t exactly analysing it at the time. It’s interesting to see the difference, and how it might reflect certian changes in his perspective.

  2. Timothy Stone says:

    I’d say that if we are going to go after Kinkade for his work and the ideals represented therein, then go all out for everyone. I love Star Trek, and am only using it as an example as it occurred to me first. Prior to when the big wigs at Paramount took the reins from Roddneberry, the Trek universe tried to push some very disturbing and false stuff, alongside the good stuff.
    Among these is the false “ideal” of a utopian future with religion virtually extinct. Very few practice it in this future as Roddenberry foresaw, and those who did were smilingly and condescendingly tolerated by the “enlightened” vast majority of lifeforms. To put it this way, it would not be saying anything hyperbolic to state that Roddenberry was a virulent atheist who pretty much hated religion and would’ve probably thought of Richard Dawkins as a sell-out for not being quite mean and sarcastic ENOUGH about it. 
    I adore Star Trek and can see a lot to admire about the ideas introduced of honor, understanding and the beauty of the creation. Perhaps we’ll see other dimensions and worlds on the New Heaven/New Earth. Who knows? It gives a person a wonder of God’s creation, despite being the work (prior to mid-90’s) of an atheist crank. In fact that’s why Roddenberry disliked some of the novels for referring to religion (especially in *gasp!* a positive light), as he believes the “ideal, enlightened” man will be beyond that stuff eventually. 
    The point here is not to trash Roddenberry or his work, in fact I like the original series and DS9 best (one before and one after Roddenberry) of all the television Trek franchises, but to say that if we are going to go after one person for not showing the Fall, then oughtn’t we to go after another for trying to reflect some idiotic dream of man reaching a utopian age with not even a NEED of redemption? 
    I adore Star Trek, so please don’t say I’m not a true fan, but I have to be honest and point out when folks go after one person while ignoring a pretty disturbing guy whose work was more popular.

What do you think?