1. It’s always good to see you at Realm Makers.

  2. I loved your contribution to the “Grittier than PG13 Panel”! That session alone made the whole trip worthwhile. (Though it was not the ONLY great thing about RM this year!) Hearing other more successful authors say that we need to stop “sanitizing” the worlds we build helped me to understand that I can’t present a world that isn’t realistic. That doesn’t speak of real life to most people, and they might want to linger in your world, but they won’t be able to relate to it as well. I don’t pepper my stories with profanity, or describe sex in pornographic ways, but neither can we pretend it doesn’t happen. It’s an issue I’ve struggled with myself as I’ve completed my first trilogy this summer. Thank you for participating in that panel! The things you had to say really helped.

  3. Brie Donning says:

    I’m up there among the furthest travelers with Australia being slightly further than New Zealand. But after coming all that way I never said hi at the Lorehaven table. Not sure why and it’s one of my few Realm Makers regrets. I got a pin, but no one was there at the time.

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