1. D.M. Dutcher says:

    Man, you are pretty hardcore. My own diary would be nowhere near as thoughtful. I usually buy a book, read it, and log it plus review it on Goodreads. Maybe think about it now and then if the idea strikes an urge in me.

    We discuss questions such as: “Why do so many stories include the idea of a ‘dark forest’ or ‘dark place,’ where a very land or tree can be evil? 

    Probably because either direct experience or cultural memory remind them that forests are very scary places to be in even with a lantern and a fire. I often cut across the local school on the way home, sometime fairly late at night. It’s bounded by a lot of woods, and despite knowing how thin they are, something about staring into that darkness can give me a shiver. 

  2. If it helps, for a lot of this I had to think hard over the past two weeks — perhaps it doesn’t seem as spiritual when this is the only litany of more-“aware” specific speculative-story enjoyments I can find during that time!

  3. Bainespal says:

    For we as readers (or viewers, or listeners), what does this practically look like in daily life?

    This is a great question.  Stories are great.  God is great.  Now what are supposed to do?

    It’s not because I only want entertainment as its own end, is it? We all have long ways to go!

    In my experience, stories are usually not an effective way to waste copious amounts of God’s time.  When I’m lazy and crabby and don’t want to do what I need to do, I find that I can’t have fun enjoying stories, in any form of media.  For me, wasteful (and harmful) entertainment comes in the form of browsing the web aimlessly, typing stupid (or worse) phrases into the search engine, daydreaming, and making and consuming cup after cup of coffee or tea.
    I want God’s glory to radiate out of the book or the movie or the videogame, straight into reality.  I want to experience the honor and the meaningfulness that I find in great stories.  But I’m a wretched sinner, and instead of re-expressing the glory that I see in the stories to others, I waste my hours and long for an escape from this crappy life.

What do you think?