1. dmdutcher says:

    It depresses me though that people have to keep saying “It’s okay to like art! It’s okay to like art!”

    Like we can’t just enjoy a beer once in a while, watch a movie, read a book, or like doing sports. It has to be “Christian hedonism,” and we need a serious intellectual and theological justification for just enjoying life.

    • Actually yes. Because sin is a problem and Jesus is the only solution. And because we’re still got sin-shrapnel the Holy Spirit needs to extract from our flesh and that requires active participation on our part. And because the Kingdom has been announced and on the move, but isn’t here yet. And because God directly commands His people, out of love for Him, to strive for biblical mental/spiritual transformation in every life area (Rom. 12:1-2).

      No skipping courses. That would be attempting to live in a sentimental cultural bubble in which it’s okay for Christians to go straight from saying “I have no idea what to do with the things of Earth” to saying, “eh, it’s all good.”

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