1. Jessica says:

    Blegh, I sort of enjoyed this commentary on a great short story, up until the point you decideded to needlessly feminist-bash at the end. I’m a language teacher and I teach my students to avoid the “he“ standard as well, as (in addition to assuming a masculine, which in fairly gender-diverse writing like Chiang’s is not reliable) it’s lazy writing and in 90% of cases is easily remedied by pluralizing the subject. Do better.

    I realize that this is from many years ago, but ugh, so annoying and unnecessary. Happy first comment to you.

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  3. lil draco says:

    i disagree with eevrything yous aid

  4. N1GGAC0CK says:


    • lil draco says:

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      • N1GGAC0CK says:

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  5. steven curry says:

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