1. Tim says:

    I still wish we could have first contact and I could move to Vulcan. CS Lewis spoke to this concept before.

  2. Autumn says:

    Sometimes it really amazes me that some atheists will believe in aliens, something only seen by most of the world in movies invented by humans, yet they will dismiss every possibility of God. They want to chase after aliens and look until they find them, saying they must be there simply because the universe is infinite, ignoring the fact that the same argument could be used to say we should instead look for God, a being that we know isn’t going to invade us.

    I agree that Christianity doesn’t contradict the idea that there might be aliens, and even if it said there weren’t any, that would technically be at the time the bible was written, and God could have created them later. I tend to think we should all just think of it as a possibility and from there live our lives and improve our own planet as we can. We do have a lot of issues to solve as it is.

    • Mark Carver says:

      Ain’t that the truth. Believing in an all-powerful Creator? Nonsense. Believing in beings from other worlds despite no hard evidence and relying only on statistical probability? Science.

  3. Lisa says:

    It’s fun to speculate about aliens, and I love me a good alien-invasion movie with the best of them. My favourite is probably Signs….there is so much in that movie that is NOT about aliens but the alien part is soooooo creepy and Hitchcock-ish….just love it!

    My default answer to any of these speculation-type questions is, why not? God is God, and He can do anything, create anything. It’s interesting to speculate on what that all looks like. I have just finished re-reading Lewis’ Space Trilogy, and I love how he handles this question, too.

  4. HG Ferguson says:

    To those who assert aliens cannot exist within the framework of biblical Truth, I am reminded of a quote by Hawkeye (Lee Horsley) in the largely ignored but well-done single-season French and Indian War series HAWKEYE.  Here is my slightly altered version:  “Your God must be mighty small if He can’t handle aliens.”

    • The biblical God can certainly handle aliens.

      But a wholly other race of sentient species, either left out of God’s very human-centric gospel-redemption Story (for His glory) or somehow adjunct to it? That’s another matter.

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