1. Awesome article, for faithy people and unfaithy people. 🙂 Well said.


  2. Really, for the most part I’m that reader writers like: I genuinely want this book to be amazing, and I’ll keep reading in anticipation of that brilliant, blow-away ending.

    I want to be this kind of reader. Most of the time I think I still am, but several years of editing, coaching, contest-judging, and other critique-related work has definitely made me pickier–I think I’ve just amassed a lot more peeves. I still want to get behind every author and cheer him or her on, though, so my heart is in the right place :).

  3. Good article, Kaci. Your two peeves are things that bug me also.

    This line is brilliant, I think: accepts that writers are but mortals, and books written by mortals are only as perfect as the writer who creates them.

    I posted an article about C. S. Lewis yesterday at my site (Comment Luv below has the link), and this line would have fit in beautifully with some of the comments.


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  5. Common grace doesn’t demand a brand of perfection, but instead accepts that blessings fall on all of us. It doesn’t tear down but builds up; it seeks to save, not destroy. It sees the good and accepts the ill. Such a grace accepts that writers are but mortals, and books written by mortals are only as perfect as the writer who creates them. Grace can overlook a fault; it trusts, hopes, and perseveres.

    That said, there will still be books I don’t like. I simply choose not to say anything that would tear them down (hopefully) in person or on my blog, unless I am called to give my absolute opinion on the book. Then I will submit what I did not enjoy in words that I would want used about my own book by people who did not like it 🙂

  6. Ok, tried the quotes blocking thing and it didn’t work *sigh*… I’ll get this someday! LOL

  7. Morgan, I think you made a good point — because God can use a particular story doesn’t mean all of us will like it.


  8. Yep, some of us like chocolate, some of us like vanilla 🙂 I never want to put down someone’s book because it wasn’t my kind of book… I think that’s what Kaci was getting at in her article 🙂

  9. Galadriel says:

    I tend to be wary of saying anything negative about my favorite things–more from a “let’s not ruin a rare good thing” perspective than anything else, but I do tend to focus on the positive parts of things I like…
    Not sure what I’m trying to say here, but I wanted to comment anyway.

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