1. Lisa says:

    I enjoy TWD. At times the gore-factor is a bit much, but there’s much more of the other “relationship” stuff than the gore, so that’s what keeps me coming back. I will admit to being drawn to the post-apocalyptic scenario. I love seeing people being pushed to their limits and trying to survive. They have had some exploration of faith in the context of this disaster, too. Not sure they always get that right but at least they talk about it from time to time.

    • Mark Carver says:

      I haven’t enjoyed the show for the past couple of seasons, and the finale was a big letdown as well, so unless next season gets rave reviews, I don’t think I’ll be coming back. The acting is great but the story is just spinning its wheel imo. We’ll see what happens.

  2. I’ve never read the graphic novels either, nor have I ever been much of a zombie fan, but I *adore* The Walking Dead. The way strangers become friends, and friends become family, and they all support and defend each other in seemingly impossible situations.

    It also shows them dipping into madness, but overcoming it. Rick, in particular, willing to give even his sanity just to save his loved ones, and then gaining it back.

    Most recently, though, what has been sinking in with me is the parallel with the world today, I see villains on this show and think, “There’s no way a person can be like that! Why doesn’t everyone just try to help each other! Why don’t they see that cooperating will bring about much more than groups banding together and going to war with each other?” And then I realize…wait, that’s our world NOW. No apocalypse, no zombies–the biggest threat to human survival is humans. It makes me cling to my faith in God, because I know someday that won’t be the case anymore.

  3. Natalie Hidalgo says:

    I have a love hate thing for TWD on one hand I like the characters and how they have developed, but they live in a world without hope. the only religious person was so cowardly for so long it’s a wonder his character is finally standing up. In a real disaster of epic proportions the church would not be hidden and the Lord would give us hope. Thanks for this observation. I am writing a YA book with demons, angels and zombies and my church peeps look at me like I am weird when I say it’s a book on zombie theology.

  4. HG Ferguson says:

    God has used this show in the past and I hope He will again. I’ve pretty much lost interest in it after the destruction of Terminus for precisely the reasons you mention. But who can forget Hershel reading the Psalms to his daughters? On camera. The Word of God, spoken and heard by the millions of people who watch this show. I do say God bless TWD for that moment. May He do so again!

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