1. We’re all going to die and “nobody” can handle it. Not even the Boomers who have had plenty of time to prepare.

    And yes, I know there are exceptions. Godly people in all generations still alive.

    I am quarantined with my parents and joke about how it’s too bad the Covid 19 appeared since otherwise nobody would die. Hopefully it will go away soon and we can live forever like we intended. Lol

    Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.
    Solis Deo gloria!

  2. Susan May says:

    Thank you. I agree.

  3. Great perspective. I’m praying for a revival as people are home and fearful and have time to think about God. I’m praying that today they will hear his voice and not harden their hearts as they did at Meribah. Each time God brings judgment he also offers salvation. It all depends on how we react. Who is on the Lord’s side?

    We can repent and praise him and admit that we are sinful and he is holy. Or we can shake our fists at him and say he’s treating us unjustly.

    The goal should not be to have life return to normal, we should not seek a life of ease. Rather, we should be praying that the glory of God would cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. And that is more likely to happen in a time of pestilence and persecution, I think, than in a time of comfort and peace.

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