1. notleia says:

    I doubt anybody takes that stuff seriously. It’s like the alien whatever/redneck reality shows on History Channel or whatever noise they’re doing on Discovery anymore, just desperate attempts to provoke us into watching their cheap filler shows. Just keep “My Cat From Hell” heavy in the rotation, because I like Jackson Galaxy even if he looks like a Hell’s Angel who stole a Mary Kay lady’s car, and I’ll even pretend that trees and treehouses are germane to Animal Planet because I like that cheerful tree-hugger guy.

  2. Hergot says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful post. I think my number one worry about my writing is whether it is vain babbling or coarse joking or all things edifying. For instance, I just finished my first horror story (for Splickety submissions closing in 2 days), and I’m seriously wondering if it is edifying. It’s not unChristian but in what sense is it redeeming. Does it have to be? If you consciously try to be redeeming it seems not to work… So, yeah, these are tough problems.

    Question. If you were both Edgar Allen Poe and a Christian (was he?), should you just keep it to yourself? Same question but insert Stephen King. I mean his Dark Tower stuff will mess you up for life. =)

  3. Galadriel says:

    I’ve heard about but never seen their similar dragon special…. I’d still like to watch it, though.

    • I actually saw it, and do to the fact that I believe dragons were real, just dinosaurs, it wasn’t until the end when they went into a detailed explanation of how the “discoveries” weren’t real, they were just making guesses of how dragons “could”have evolved”, that I realized it wasn’t real. Felt like a rip-off honestly.

  4. Henrietta Frankensee says:

    Thank you Yvonne. This is well written and thought provoking. In the world I write about the scientists become priests, manipulation of chemicals and forces becomes ritual to control the population. You brought me to realise the prophesy of my story.

  5. I did see it, and while it did a good job of explaining that it was a “what if” at the end, I still felt ripped-off. Probably because I believe dragons were dinosaurs.

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