1. I completely agree.  My husband and I had the same problems with “Justified.”  I’m all for gritty realism, but to have zero redeemable characters (even if not Christian) in a piece denies God’s common grace.  It definitely seemed aimed to titillate viewers with “shocking lows”–the same way as reality TV shows.  There must be some visceral pleasure people receive from viewing that.  Or else it just makes the Average Joe feel better about themselves because at least they’re not growing pot in the backyard or killing people with liquor.
    In fact, all of these shows that refuse to show a balanced perspective are insulting the intelligence of the viewing audience.  But as my mother always said: don’t sit and complain about something unless you’re prepared to do something better for it.  Which is one of the many reasons I attempt to write fiction, speculative and otherwise, that just happens to portray Christians as believable, broken creatures in need of God’s grace and uplifted by it on a daily basis. 

What do you think?