1. notleia says:

    Shoot, that reminds me I’ve missed the local Drag Storytime that happens during Pride. Mostly it’s so I can say I’ve been to one, because otherwise I wouldn’t volunteer to be around children.

    • I’ve actually heard reliable reports that “drag storytime” is a false-flag operation run by Christian fundamentalists. Maybe that’ll put you off ’em.

    • Seriously, notleia, maybe you’re just being silly. But even then, such jokes are going to age about as well—in the long term—as James Gunn’s old “hilarious” comic bombs implying support of pedophilia. Today’s “edgy,” “not your momma’s” behavior is tomorrow’s shocking scandals (yes, even in a world that’s constantly craving new novelties and moralities). Take care.

      • Even if notleia was joking, I doubt her beliefs are just for the sake of being edgy.

        • notleia says:

          Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to 3 confirmed incidences of schadenfreude, but yanking people’s chains is just a side benefit.

          I’ve actually interacted with drag queens — not while they were performing, while I was selling them fabric for their next costumes. They actually knew how much they needed and didn’t ask me to unroll a dozen bolts without buying anything. They didn’t quibble about how expensive heavily sequinned fabric is. 9/10, would customer service again. The only thing I found mildly off-putting was that they were extroverts.

          • All the introverted ones probably order fabric online 😛

            Though, joking aside, being introverted/extroverted is more about where someone gets their social/mental energy and whether or not they are primarily initiating or responding. So, it’s not necessarily about how overwhelmingly chatty they are, even if it can be an indicator.

      • notleia says:

        Really? The trope usually goes the other way. Fifty years ago it was motorcycles and tattoos and not using a sugar spoon made you a heathen of questionable respectability, but now it’s an open secret that the dudes with tats and motorcycles are actually big teddy bears you can trust a toddler with.

  2. I love these reports.

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