1. I don’t really mind Daylight Savings Time except for the slight worry that I’ll forget about the time change and thus end up being too late or early for something.

    Further down the road, there’s a story I’ll write that involves time travel. And it will get very long and elaborate and deal heavily with psychology and the toll every event takes on the characters. With my other stories…dealing with all the technicalities of time zones and such can be a pain, so I don’t usually put the chars in a position where they need to worry about it. A lot of the cultures I write about are more ancient or at least low tech, so that helps. Usually, it’s enough to say ‘the hunt lasted the entire day’. Even in scifi, the author doesn’t always have to say how long a day on that planet lasts. And in ancient cultures, it’s usually enough to say ‘be there at dawn’ instead of ‘be there at 6 am’.

    My fave time travel story is probably Steins Gate. It’s got a very interesting take on time travel, and although it almost starts out in a slice of life manner, they’re edging closer and closer to certain discoveries the whole time…which suddenly explodes into very high stakes part way through the story.

    One of the best things about time travel stories is that they’re a great way to explore why every event can matter, raise questions about whether or not we should want to change our pasts, and in some ways provide an opportunity to fantasize about second chances.

  2. For my “day job” I work from mid-afternoon to late evening and my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve also worked the graveyard shift.

    Nothing skews your perception of time quite like this. You don’t hear as much about circadian rhythm these days, but the cycle of day and night predates the formation of the sun and moon in the biblical account and is by no means arbitrary.

    I play with this in my Drift series; it’s a generation ship where the lights are always on, and religious communities maintain independent clocks and calendars.

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