1. Yes!! This is why I like Beauty and the Beast so much, especially the original. It’s not just Beast who has to change, but Belle as well, and the moral of the story is lost among the shallow, first impressions of it. There is a reason why the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is common. Unfortunately, in this day and age of Instagram and Twitter, the cover is only what some people will look at.

    • Elijah David says:

      It really is a shame that people forget that everyone can grow and change and become a better person, even in story worlds.

  2. Jes Drew says:

    Wow, that’s a great analysis. I forgot all about that episode of the Aladdin and Jasmine series. Thanks for reminding me, since I know I completely missed the meaning as a child.

    • Elijah David says:

      You’re welcome. That episode has stuck with me more than most. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t put it out there on Disney+ with so many other shows from that era available.

  3. This is my favorite fairy tale also, and it’s amazing how much you can learn from it and the many different versions that exist. I love both of Robin McKinley’s Beauty and the Beast retellings they are done so well.

    • Elijah David says:

      Yes, McKinley’s versions are very well done, although I do wish the ending of Beauty didn’t feel quite so rushed.

  4. Great article! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale as well, and now I’m very curious about the Villeneuve version!

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