1. Autumn Grayson says:

    There ARE people that use these stories to put their guilt on other people, but not all of them do. Some actually will hate themselves, or admit that they do contribute to humanity’s carbon footprint. It isn’t necessarily that they expect everyone to stop keeping pets, driving cars, etc. But they do want people to do what they can to reduce the amount of resources they use. And from there they get extremely adamant and judgmental of anyone they think isn’t doing enough.

    I care about the earth and believe we should take care of it, but I can’t help but roll my eyes at what some really avid environmentalists say. Many act like humans are uniquely bad compared to other creatures, which isn’t true at all. Animals do all sorts of horrible things. The main difference between them and us is that we look at the ENTIRE world and care about it. We have the ability to consider the impact of our behavior and feel bad about it. So although we do cause problems, we feel guilty about that and often want to fix it for a variety of reasons. What people also forget/don’t realize or take into account is that there’s been multiple mass extinctions caused by other organisms. And most creatures try to survive and multiply as much as possible, which is why animals might be just fine in one environment but become invasive species when placed in another. Humans just tend to be better at adapting and multiplying more than other animals are. It’s not a matter of being more corrupt per se, just better adapted and more skilled. But it’s that very skill that can help us learn to become more responsible and less harmful.

    The question would also be whether the earth itself would care if it had any life on it, even if the planet was somehow sentient. Earth or even nature might not really care, considering how many species go extinct or come into existence on a regular basis. If anything, it’s more like the existing life and species would be upset at possibly dying out.


    Yes, that video has an evolutionary perspective, but evolution’s a perspective that a lot of people take so it’s relevant to the discussion regardless. The earth didn’t get its ‘revenge’ on the creatures putting more oxygen into the atmosphere, things simply progressed according to a sense of cause and effect. Life adapted to live with oxygen instead and thus we have all the animals and plants that we say are worth protecting. I’m not saying that we need to be careless about the earth. We should avoid pollution, extinctions and overusing resources. But we should be reasonable and realistic in our perspectives while we’re at it.

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