1. HG Ferguson says:

    Shannon, thank you and God bless you for standing up for the Truth and telling the Truth about The Shack. That takes tremendous personal and spiritual courage in today’s climate. The Shack is part of the Kingdom of the Cults, not the Word of God. You are so right about “But it’s just a story” — as you are about if it makes me feel good, how can it be bad? To those who say The Shack brings them to the love of God I would answer, Which god? Pick one of the four deities, you have two goddesses and two gods. This is polytheism. None of these imaginary beings are the true God revealed in the scriptures. None of them. Either The Shack is right in what it claims about God, or the Word is right. They both cannot be true at the same time. Tash is not Aslan, Aslan is not Tash. The Shack is nothing but a full-bore rejection of the Word of God and a systematic, in your face destruction of the Truth. From whom do these things come? Who is the Enemy of the Truth? Thank you once again for declaring that unto us. Pay heed to her words, all ye who read.

  2. One of the best articles I’ve read about The Shack, Shannon. I love RZIM and think their Let My People Think tag is perfect, not just for apologetics, but for all of life. I’m glad you spelled out so clearly our need to do more than feel.

    I learned as a young person going to church camp just how long a mountain-top experience based on feelings can last.

    Of course another point of discussion when it comes to this book is, how truthful are those feelings? I mean, as I recall from the book, the God figure wants the main character to know that he is accepted and loved. But as I read Scripture, I find a stronger thread related to grace and repentance, forgiveness and mercy. And specifically how unacceptable each of us is, which was why Jesus had to come.

    In fact, God demonstrated His love in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t think we were just so very wonderful He was compelled to save us. No. He chose us because of HIS goodness, not ours.


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