1. It’s yet another apocalypse/dystopian story. Those are hot right now. Is it really any wonder?

  2. dmdutcher says:

    It’s getting remade because Christians have shown again and again that they’ll throw money at anything visibly Christian, regardless of quality. While it can’t be worse than the original source material or movies, I think the best people are going to hope for is that it’s going to be campy fun. I mean, it’s bad enough it’s being remade, but when your main actor is Nicholas Cage anyone who follows movies at all slaps their head in frustration. People hope it’s going to be as bad as The Wicker Man.

    • Ah, the dystopian genre trend. Of course.

      Oddly enough though, Left Behind was on the forefront of the dystopian craze, long before it was popular in secular culture — and before other authors began bumping the Antichrist and the Four Horsemen, et. al., aside for more-secular means of humanity’s self-destruction and autocracy.

  3. Not a fan of Left Behind, but I’m curious about this “remake”. My guess is it will be much better than the first go-round.

  4. Michael Snow says:

    It may be exciting fiction, but we Christians should remember that it is just that–fiction. We need less entertainment and a Back to Basics in the Bible revival. http://textsincontext.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/second-coming-rapture-vs-scripture-christian/

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