1. Kaci says:

    (And no, by the way, I’m not hoping to imitate Tolkien, yet I might remind others that trying too hard to be “original” so often fails.)

    Thank you. 0=)

    This is supposed to be Moses and Elijah, a literal return of the two prophets as witnesses (based on a particular reading of Revelation 11). In the book, when these two appear, it’s obvious to bad guys and good guys alike (not much subtlety in TTM) that this is supernatural — but the description of the two men “materializing” with all these special effects does nothing to further the story.

    I vaguely remember that part. They’re kinda mean in Left Behind, if I recall. Personally, the last time Moses and Elijah dropped out of the sky, they were concerned only with talking to Jesus. I’m not sure they even acknowledged Peter, James, and John. That might be something to consider. (In regards to the believability paragraph.)

    I think end times fiction has two real problems to it:

    1). The perspective of the writer colors the entire story.
    2). The events are, therefore, already known. It’s sort of like watching The Titanic: The boat sinks. And they tend to recite large sections of Scripture, usually from KJV as it’s been around long enough to not violate a copyright law.

    It’s weird. I’ve read other retellings of other stories in Scripture and they don’t seem to have as much a problem with it–mildly amusing since Revelation hasn’t happened yet and David & Goliath has.

    Anyway, that might explain the lack of appropriate reaction, or the meandering from furthering the plot: Rather than stick only to key events, the writer falls into this trap of thinking every tiny detail has to be in there. (Because, while it’s cool to see two guys drop out of the sky, if it’s not pushing things along they may only get a mention or not be included.) And the lack of subtlety.

    But if a writer hopes to keep me in the real world and accept wrong ideas about God here — such as “He could be a she” — I’m gone.

    What, you mean he couldn’t????? (I’m so kidding.)

    More seriously…was that really in there? (Middle school was over a decade ago.)

  2. Tim George says:

    This has nothing to do with this article but Kaci how is it I review with you over at FictionAddict.com and Stuart, I’ve interviewed you three times and didn’t realize you were a part of this site? And if either answers it because of my age I promise to write very bad things about your next books. You wouldn’t want the vast audience that looks to me for reading advice to turn on you. 😀

    • Kaci says:

      Tim, it’s not your fault at all. I’ve only got the one interview with Stephen and this second article on SpecFaith – I’ve only just started posting over here. And I’m horribly quiet about things like that. (Really. Major events happen in my life, and I might not breathe a word for at least a week.) So no worries. 0=)

      And age is merely a state of mind. *shrug*

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