1. Good insight Becky 🙂 I mentioned on my own blog when I first discovered Donita K. Paul, I was disappointed because I didn’t realize the audience she wrote for (her book had been placed in the adult fiction section of the Christian bookstore I was perusing). When I approached her book this time, I did not come as Morgan, 3- (not going to give my age away!) mother of 4, realistic adult. I came as my 12 year old self and read the book through those eyes and loved it.

    On that note, you stole my post for tomorrow! Gonna have to come up with something else… lol

  2. 😆 Don’t you usually post about the writing on day two? You can still do that and just say we agree! 😀

    I do think expectation plays a big role in how a book strikes a reader. I guess that’s why cover and back cover are so important. (BTW, I really loved the cover of Dragons. I’m wondering if I’m more drawn to those hot colors, and I’m wondering if that’s typical or if it’s different for different people).


  3. I love the cover too 🙂

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  6. I’m done with Amara and Chiril after I turn in the manuscript I’m working on now. A new story is niggling at my brain trying to get me off track. It has dragons, but it only has one race of people, so far. It’s going to be fun.

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