1. Morgan Busse says:

    God is in both the big and little things 🙂 Great post!

  2. My thoughts exactly. This belief is why I have no trouble with scientific explanation for miracles; did the Jordan River part because the physical embodiment of God appeared, putting a human-like hand out to stop the water, or because God knew that a mudslide that only happens once ever so often and thus told the Levites to step out at the exact time the river would stop flowing? Which is the more miraculous? Does it matter?

    I don’t see science and religion as being in conflict with each other (though that’s the accepted modern view by a variety of practitioners in both camps, unfortunately). I believe God has ultimate control of our lives, and that he can heal us; I also prefer for my doctor to have modern medical training from a reputable school. I don’t think that a prayer for God to guide the surgeon’s hands is a lack of faith; if anything, the idea that God chooses to work through falliable human agents and an imperfect creation to achieve His perfect will is a miracle, in and of itself.

  3. The actual Red Sea parting seems clearly in the obvious-miraculous category simply because Scripture does describe — instead of shallow crossings or a mudslide — walls of water stacking up on both sides. The Jordan, though, seems to have indeed been cut off by some event that stacked up the waters far away: a mudslide? a natural dam? It doesn’t say.

    However, I love the point that miracles are often occurring when we don’t see them. And perhaps the most amazing miracle Christians may overlook is God saving people from their sins! Regeneration by grace through faith is perhaps one of the greatest miracles, and God carries that out in people every day — reconciling rebel humans to Himself without violating either His perfect holiness/justice or His perfect love/mercy/compassion.

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