1. D.M. Dutcher says:

    Yeah, on a craft level Christian writers can be influenced by anyone. That’s why it’s important to read widely, because many people who you wouldn’t agree with theologically, or who write in genres you can’t stand might teach you something about how to write.

  2. Thanks, D.M. In my not-shared-by-everyone opinion, I think we not only can, but should read widely and out of our cozy zone. It’s necessary to prevent Christian fiction from becoming inbred and deformed.

    • Amen.  Christian novelists need to read the Bible to learn what they should believe, and then read the best novels in their genre — regardless of author worldview — to learn how to express those beliefs.

      If we don’t learn from the best, we can’t claim we’re committed to artistic quality.

  3. Bainespal says:

    So, what is the future a metaphor of?  Right, she said she couldn’t express it in words.  But maybe it’s the process of transformation, of unfolding story itself.  In science fiction, the hope of transformation is imputed to the future.

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