1. Galadriel says:

    A very timely question, considering that I have a story summery due on Wednesday and am entirely lacking the above quality. It doesn’t help that the genre is modern realistic, one I have no experiance in.

  2. Melissa Craig says:

    Excellent interview with Brock Eastman! An insightful view into the mind of a Christian who expresses creativity through writing! A wonderful example of how God’s grace permeates our lives when he grants us the faith to believe and follow him throughout life. Thanks for sharing your many talents Brock!

  3. Paul Lee says:

    One of the things that inspires me the most is stories themselves.  Not only epic speculative fiction stories, although those provide some of my most engaging and moving experiences.  All stories about great suffering and enduring and overcoming that suffering inspire me, whether fiction or stories that really happened, in all genres, I think.

    That might not be an adequate answer for writers, whose job it is to make the stories, but I think that’s my best answer. 

  4. TheQuietPen says:

    I draw my inspiration primarily from real-life experiences and ideas.  In fact, I found my fiction to be pretty dry and lackluster until I began to study history, language, and culture in earnest.  The more I learned and experienced in the world, in the beautiful variety of peoples that God has brought into being, the more I felt inspired to write.  I also draw inspiration from real-life stories–not only from news articles or memoirs, but from speaking with and learning from anyone around me.  I’m not much of a talker, but I do love listening to the life stories of others.  Somehow, it all ties together with a bundle of “what-ifs” that fly through speculative fiction, and I have a story.

  5. Awesome insight. Isn’t God amazing with how he gives many people different ways and avenues to experience creativity and inspiration? Praise be to Him!

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