1. Wonderful post, Yvonne. Love reading your articles!
    Incidentally, my young son and I just finished reading Peter Pan together. What a joy it was to watch his eyes light up with excitement when Peter and the children exhibited bravery against the pirates. I’m pretty sure the ticking crocodile made a lasting impression, too. I remember how these stories influenced me as a youngster, carrying over into adulthood, so it’s a neat experience to see my child’s reaction. : )

  2. I agree, Tessa — I love seeing my kids love what I loved as a kid. And I’m pleased as can be that my granddaughter is reading her way through the whole “Little House” series, with the Chronicles of Narnia next on her TBR list.

  3. Galadriel says:

    I guess I’m an adult then…I don’t want to grow up any more than I have already.

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