1. Autumn Grayson says:

    I haven’t seen One Piece, but I’m glad they have such a good discussion of racism and prejudice in the show.

    One thing that the next generation of storytellers might need to tackle is impatience, fatigue and how well peaceful messages are received by those that feel like they’ve waited long enough for their suffering to end. Some people might not accept a message like One Piece’s and feel justified in continuing violence because they don’t feel like a peaceful resolution is possible. Either that or they might feel like it’ll take too long. So maybe that will need to be the next step for some writers, showing how a violent and hateful approach actually slows down progress and isn’t usually justified.

    • L. Jagi Lamplighter says:

      This article just talked about this issue, but One Piece is an amazing show. The story is light and fun with action and adventure, and these issues are merely part of the world. This strangely makes the point a lot stronger, I think, because it isn’t preaching, isn’t in your face, and, therefore, feels entirely fresh.
      And the subject isn’t over. The problem is still going on in the background…as of episode 920.

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