1. Travis Perry says:

    I saw Brightburn advertised. Looked interesting. I am really wondering why it fell short…

    • Parker J. Cole says:

      It fell short in execution, and I think in keeping it strictly in the horror genre. In the horror genre, the kills are spectacular (I know, weird) and that element of creepy. I think by keeping the focus on that, they sacrificed character development. Although the acting was phenomenal, the story didn’t quite boost it. There is one scene in the movie (slight spoiler) where they find *magazines* in his room. At first glance, it just seem like it *the women* but then, it turns into pictures of entrails.

      Due to the genre itself, that’s not UNEXPECTED but the question is why? Why does the kid like looking at entrails? I feel like that particular blip was just thrown in there to make us know, hey, Brandon’s got guts mixed in with his *magazines* but there’s no explanation as to why. It’s to build tension, not story.

      And the thing is that I really liked the premise of the movie and there are so many untangled threads they could go into. They’re doing a sequel when he’s an adult and hopefully expanding it to give us some more insight into his character, not just his evil deeds.

  2. Abigail Falanga says:

    As someone who’s worked with children for a long time, I know quite well that all kids are born with a hefty dose of sin nature! lol. Sweet and innocent, yes. But not beyond great evil – just without the muscle tone to make it work.
    I’ve always had dreams with evil or conflicted children. It’s something I try to incorporate in my books and stories, too.
    And, since I’m not a horror fan, it’s nice to read your perspective on the trope!

    • Parker J. Cole says:

      Thank you so much for saying so! My primary works are all romance. While I love romance, when I was invited to be a contributor to Speculative Faith, I wanted to focus on things other than that. At the end of the day, I do like horror (but only certain types — thriller, psychological, even artistic — not, torture which a lot of people believe is the poster child of horror and it isn’t) and I hope to use this to express my viewpoints as well as I can.

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