1. Jake says:

    Fantastic. Amen and amen. See you at the Green Dragon–’tis the only brew for the brave and true.

  2. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I too am a writer of fantasy and in the process of editing and writing I get so bogged down that I forget the reason that I am writing, I lose my focus and that is where I am at today as I read your post. I have gotten so lost in the mechanics that I have forgotten the journey and that it is me, my story that is being told. Through my writing I can ask the questions, explore the answers and hopefully avoid the pitfalls that my characters experience. And maybe along the way of finding my place, my answers, I can help someone else, maybe ease their journey just a bit.

    Thank you for this post and your wonderful books, they have been an inspiration to me and helped me find my voice and that of the characters running around in my head.

  3. Steve Taykor says:

    Good article. More then a Hobbit I relate to humans in a fantasy world, like Lewis Gillies in Steven Lawheads “Song of Albion” trilogy.
    We have to strive for down time to experience God’s peace in this hectic would. A hammock in the woods in nice but that’s only once a week for a couple of hours. How does one get that serenity 24/7. Don’t think we will until it’s all over. Bring it on!

    So when is book three of “The Berinfell Prophecies” going to be released? Have you given up on it to start your new series?

  4. Thanks, Jake! Love those tavern songs! And thank you, Chris! That must have been a God thing b/c up til about 30 minutes before I sat down to write the post, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. Steve, thank you as well. Berinfell 3 hasn’t been forgotten, but CH and I have some publisher issues to hammer out before we can get that going on. I can tell you this: if we can get Berinfell 3 done, it will be the BEST book of the series hands down.

    • Steve Taylor says:

      What do you mean IF you can get the third book done? Publish it yourself if you publisher is giving you a hard time. Don’t leave Frodo in the swamp.

  5. I’m still not done with The Final Storm! Arrgh, I have such a back log of stuff to read. Isle of Swords is still on my bookshelf, unread! I will say that on the basis of Rise of the Wyrm Lord, Antoinette Reed is one of my favorite fantasy heroines.

    I also want to say if anyone can find it on Youtube, you should see Wayne’s trailer for the Door Within trilogy. I still think it’s cool how Wayne “vanishes” in the beginning. Heh, heh.

    Yeah, I do think writing is a great way to explore this journey of ours. All the things we learn as the years go by end up spilling out of us in different forms. Whether it comes in the form of fighting dragons or pointy-eared elves, the reason they touch the reader is because they reflect universal truths. I think readers recognize them, and it gets them asking those big questions. If it was just for thrills and chills, well, that’s fun, but not really filling. Star Wars (the original trilogy, anyway) wouldn’t have the impact it had if it was just about a cool light show. It’s about the timeless themes of maturing, growing up, redemption, sacrifice, and spiritual enlightenment-although I can’t say I agree with the Zen-overtones of the Force.

    I hope to read Berinfell 3 as well!

    • forgiven says:

      I just finished reading all that WTB has written !
      I started with The Door Within trilogy, and enjoyed it. It grabbed my attention.
      Teaming up with CH for The Berenfell Trilogy, has left me anticipating the final book !
      Reading The Sword in the Stars left me connected to Alistair – the main character – who is haunted by the mistakes of his past. I could relate as I’ve been there … not as a murderer, but as an adulterer.
      I just finished the Isle of Swords and The Isle of Fire. I couldn’t read these books fast enough !
      WTB … blessings to you. May He use you as you surrender …
      So Jason … dust those old novels off the shelf !
      You won’t be dissapointed !

  6. Thanks, Sir Wayne for posting this, nay, feeling this, admitting this, and pointing us to the truth. We feel it too, and you gave voice to it.

    Hopefully TN will publish Berinfell Book 3 … it looks like Venom & Song has an excellent rank in Amazon right now that many authors would love to have … I can’t believe they’d balk at another sequel.


  7. Michelle says:

    Nicely said, fellow ragamuffin. Hail, and well met fellow traveler. This road can seem a blindingly lonely one, but it isn’t. The footsteps in the dust before me as well as the ones I see made along side, give me comfort and hope. After all, I’m Never Alone.

  8. chrisd says:

    Well said. I truly believe that story telling can be used as a shining light of hope for a world that’s lost it.

  9. Good stuff here. This is why I write and read fantasy. It gives me a “safe” place to think about things that aren’t very black and white in the real world.

    And I echo what others mentioned… If you can’t work out your publisher issues, go it alone. That’s what I’m doing. For someone who already has a following, it would probably be far easier than for someone like me is still looking for an audience… 🙂

    Best to you!

  10. Marion says:

    This was an terrific post.

    I recently finished reading Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. While it was not a Christian Fantasy, the novel does with religious ideas like redemption and love in a way I could identify as a Christian.

    I must admit the major reason I was so drawn to the story was Helprin’s prose and beauty that permeated throughout the novel.

    I wrote a review about at my blog site (kammbia1.wordpress.com) and thought this was Fantasy Literature should be like. Now, I will look at New York City differently because of that novel and I live in San Antonio. LOL!

    Moreover, good fantasy literature takes away from ourselves and helps us search for those things we know that are right….deep down.

    This genre can do that like no other genre in my opinion.

    Wayne, thanks for pointing that out in your article.

    God Bless,

  11. Eve says:

    Good thoughts, Wayne. Ones I too have struggled with. Looking forward to your new series!

    God bless,

  12. Fantasy (including science fiction) speak to me in a way other fiction does not…. I’ve always identified with the aliens or the hobbits/elves/werewolves and other not-really-humans.

  13. Ty Johnson says:

    I just wanted to tell you ive read The Door wWthin Trilogy and the Isle of Fire and the Isle of Swords! They were both amazing stories that always kept my attention and made me wanna read all of it! I didnt used to like reading (Couse im 13) But ever since i read the first Door Within book i Havt to read all your books now! So thanks for writing your Books! By the way dont ever stop writing your books

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