1. I remember when I first heard about Marcher Lord Press. Randy Ingermanson did a interview with you. At that point I was a beginner writer who was just realizing that there might not be a place for my fantasy in the Christian publishing world. Then I read that interview and thanked God (lol).

    As far as something that doesn’t fit or people don’t understand it… that’s me! I’m a square peg trying to fit in the round whole of reality. Oh well, at least you guys understand me 😛

  2. Jeff, I don’t know if you remember, but when CSFF toured WhereTheMapEnds, you told us about your plans for Marcher Lord Press. I was one of those not particularly happy with the POD aspect of your publishing model. But lo and behold, you seem to be on the cutting edge because of the direction technology is taking us.

    I guess my question is, why don’t some of these small presses that seem to have similar goals band together? Wouldn’t there be strength in doing something bigger? I can think of at least three small presses that are putting out sff from a Christian worldview.

    Just wondering.


  3. Rebecca, we’ve begun work on that on this end, and have about 5 presses involved, I believe. Everyone’s pretty busy right now, but we’re working our way through some of these problems and hope to get a better, unified, handle on marketing, etc., in the days ahead.

    Good interview, Jeff.

    ~Chila Woychik
    Port Yonder Press,
    Owner, Editor

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