1. Kyle Shultz says:

    “She likes books. And fantasy. And Doctor Who. ‘Nuff said.”

    Extremely jealous right now. ? Congratulations!! How did you meet? *clicks pen in readiness for note-taking*

  2. BEST engagement photos ever. Congratulations, so happy for you both! May all the preparations go smoothly and your wedding day be full of joy and delight!

  3. Very excited for you both, Zac. Thanks for posting the pictures. We’ll hold down the fort until you’re ready to come back.


  4. notleia says:

    Congratulations! Also that’s why me and my husband (still so weird to apply that word to him even after a year later) semi-eloped and just went to the courthouse with his grandparents as witnesses. Here’s to you guys not being killed dead by the wedding industrial complex.

  5. Jason Brown says:

    Dude! Congrats on the blessing of marriage!!

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