1. Ben Bryddia says:

    So good to see this book get a mention here. The post is definitely correct that Foundling is mostly a setting of the stage. Foundling is a charming introduction to the characters, places, and very involved vocabulary. However, it is with the second book in the trilogy that the story hits its stride (and the books get twice as thick).
    Highly recommended.

    • I so appreciate your feedback, Ben. Recommendations such as yours go a long way toward bringing more readers to a new author. Otherwise, sadly, we tend to stay with the tried and true. Thanks1


  2. My 12-year-old son is currently devouring this series for the second time (I read it aloud to him about three years ago). Best worldbuilding since Tolkien, without being in the least derivative of his work; and an underlying worldview which is profoundly Christian even if there is no evidence of religion in Rossamund’s world. I guessed that the author might be a believer based on Rossamund’s character and the handling of good and evil in the series, and when I went looking for interviews with him, I found out I was right.

    • I remember you mentioned him a number of years ago, Rebecca, when you gave a list of Christians publishing in the general market. What a stellar recommendation about his worldbuilding. That alone makes me want to buy the book. And the map, which of course, I could not reproduce here. But maps! Oh, yes, I love maps!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading DM Cornish’s books. As both an author and an illustrator, I look up to DMC’s work as a standard to aspire to. I was fortunate to have encountered his work during formative stages as a writer but also connect with him personally as a peer and mentor. His capacity for world-building, his creative use of language and his ability to create ambience, as well as his fascinating characters and his ability not to get stuck in the well-worn ruts of a lot of SF writers are both refreshing and compelling. I recommend his books frequently.

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