1. Keanan Brand says:

    Awesome, insightful post.

    It comes on the heals of my own internal dialogue last night/this morning, and a small conversation with God, mainly consisting of the question, “Why am I so angry?”

    It’s the festering. Yup. It’s the stuff I don’t like to admit. The stuff that I fear or hate or can’t control.

    Ironically, your post mirrors what God’s been working on me lately: spiritual house-cleaning, facing the things that lurk in the corners.

    Maybe, once I’ve done that chore, my writing will be more honest — not just for the sake of a contract with the audience, but for my own clarity and creativity, as well.

  2. C.L. Dyck says:

    Hey, Keanan. Thanks. If it helps any, I’m an incorrigible festerer…it was written from, shall we say, a place of authenticity. 🙂

    It’s interesting how writing acts as a lens, forcing us to diagnose ourselves before we can proceed in full creative mode. Things just don’t work right till life and heart are in order. Sigh. How inconvenient! 😉

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