1. MereChristian55 says:

    I agree completely. Certain times of the year are conducive to reading certain things. I read Jane Eyre right now in the fall to December because it seems so right to read a Gothic work like that now.

    Just a quick note that Mistborn is not a five books series. It’s actually much longer and shorter. While the various series are connected, they are seperate series. Sanderson originally conceived of Mistborn as a “trilogy of trilogies”, wherein there would be a high fantasy style trilogy (the original Mistborn series about Vin and Elend), a type of urban fantasy modern day trilogy based on a timeframe similar to modern times, and a futuristic space trilogy. In-between writing his major work of the Cosmere (wherein most of his works are based) where there will be a “crisis crossover of sorts (this is the Stormlight Archive), Sanderson decided to for fun scribble out a short (well, short for him!) story, and thus the Alloy of Law was born. He decided to make this series, set in a Cosmere version of the 1890’s, into a five book series. But he still will, after the first five Stormlight books, work on the next official trilogy for Mistborn.

    • Oh, yes, I can see Gothic works in the fall. Fits so darkly well!

      Thanks for the explanation of the Mistborn books. I have the Well of Ascension on hold at my library, so I should start it soon. We’ll see if I keep going or not. I liked Mistborn but it wasn’t so compelling that I ran right out to get the next one. Still, it’s good, and I think it will be the right one for now, though I admit I’m tempted to start Harry Potter again! 😉


  2. Pam Halter says:

    I never thought of reading certain genres at certain times of the year. I typically go with my mood. For me, Christmas break is more for watching movies. I start on Thanksgiving with Miracle on 34th Street and go from there – depending on time and mood. I’d like to sit and watch A Christmas Carol (the George C. Scott version) right now, but I’m still sewing quilts, and we can’t put our tree up until I’m done sewing and have my table and things put away.

    I’m more of a reader in the summer and over President’s Weekend when we travel to our time share condo in Williamsburg, VA. Of course, my TBR pile is SO big, it’s hard to choose. But again – I go with my mood at the time of choosing, which doesn’t always work out so well once I get there and I’ve changed my mind. Ha!

  3. Kessie says:

    Oh yes, I’ve been feeling the siren call of Lord of the Rings. I was listening to the soundtrack and getting choked up over Pippin’s song. The kids asked why and I have them some dumb reply about “And all the soldiers are dying!” They’re not quite old enough for the movies, so I think I’ll have to content myself with the books for now.

    • Oh, my, yes! The music gets me every time. But something about the shorter days, the colder weather. I don’t know. It all just seems to have FANTASY writ large!

      Kind of a nice dilemma—movies or books? Heheh. But yes, those movies weren’t intended for young eyes, I don’t think. Good choice, Kessie.


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