1. dmdutcher says:

    Not really sure Thorin didn’t have a point. His people created all that wealth, and were killed or driven into exile by Smaug. Bard has a claim because his arrow slew the dragon, but neither Laketown nor the elves gave the company any real, material help. So in Thorin’s eyes, everyone suddenly showed up demanding a share of the treasure his father was killed over despite them doing little or nothing to actually help the dwarves both in their flight from Smaug or in their revenge against him.

    Bilbo realizes that Thorin has to give this up for the sake of peace beyond him, and he really did betray Thorin in order to do so. That Thorin realized this was right to do doesn’t really erase that. I think sometimes we don’t realize that it’s not always a wrong thing a king gives up to be kingly. He has to give up his own needs and claims too.

What do you think?