1. sherwood smith says:

    Will miss your posts, Fred, but glad you are not stopping because of anything negative–but to have more time for your own creative work.

  2. Bye Fred! Don’t be a stranger 😉

  3. Bye. Sorry to see you go from here, but we’ll see you other places.

  4. Kessie says:

    Aww, so sad to see you go, Fred. I know how draining it can be to have to say something pithy every week, though. Make sure you come back and comment sometimes!

  5. D.M. Dutcher says:

    Nuts, I’ll miss those columns of yours. But if the upside is more stories, I can’t complain one bit. Good luck on the writing, Fred.

  6. Lauren says:

    Good luck, Fred! I’ll miss the laughs. 

  7. Bainespal says:

    You’ve got some true classics on your resume.  I was particularly fascinated by your Speculative Christmas, Speculative Death, and Rearranging Icons columns.
    Intaglio lives!

  8. Alassiel says:

    I’m going to miss your weekly columns and sense of humor!  It ‘s been fun to read about random things like platypuses and the Wild West and wooden puppets.   Do stick around and comment sometimes.

  9. Goes to show you, humor is harder than serious writing. I don’t feel at an end of what I want to say and I’ve been at this for how many years! (Oh, you say, I should have hung it up, way back when! Too late now. 😆 )

    Seriously, Fred, we’ll really miss you. You provided the perfect change up, the curve ball that kept us swinging off balance but much more attentive because of it. You make me laugh and think at the same time. I have thoroughly enjoyed your columns.

    Yes, keep writing those stories. We need those too. But please don’t be a stranger here at Spec Faith.


  10. Galadriel says:

    We’ll miss you. Stop by sometimes, okay?

  11. Fred Warren says:

    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. I’ll be checking in now and again. 🙂

  12. Bob Menees says:

    Enjoyed your humor.
    Thanks Fred.

  13. PaulC says:

    But don’t get so bogged down in analysis that you forget to have fun. Imagination is a gift from God. Revel in it.

    I love this statement so much. Thanks for the reminder.
    I’ll miss your blog posts; your slightly quirky means of making your points always provoke me to both laugh and think (personal favorite: “When bad things happen to good characters”; the villain having the proper perspective amused me immensely). May God richly bless your creative endeavors!

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