1. I definitely have issues playing too many video games for much too long. It irritates me that it continues to be a struggle to maintain balance. It’s easier for me to make hard rules for myself (like I can only play for one hour per day, max, and then have to shut it off immediately) than to live in a squishy nebulous world of “meh, I could play a bit longer.” Seems to me, this whole shift in identity that you’re talking about (which is absolutely real) between the real you and the digital projection of you, interacts pretty strongly with the Bible’s injunction to remain sober-minded. Video games have a tendency to numb you with stimuli, and kind-of turns into a strange sort of “drunkenness.” If I just keep my mind “sober,” rather than use video games to numb myself, it’s a heck of a lot healthier, and I have more fun with it and don’t feel so gross afterwards. Idk, I’ve just been thinking about this a lot ever since my wife bought me a Nintendo Switch, hah. Because I definitely think video games are good, not evil, but I have a tendency to abuse them and I think it really comes down to remaining sober-minded while engaging with them. Anyone else relate to this?

    Great post, Mark!

    • I’m usually too impatient to play video games, which is both a good and bad thing. I think I would have been better with certain problem solving skills if I played them more growing up, but at the same time having more time to write sounds better.

      When I was little I did spend hours on playing Reader Rabbit cds and Commander Keen. And as a teen I got into roleplaying, which was extremely beneficial for both my writing and social skills. But then I haven’t really felt like doing that lately either. For me it’s somewhat easy to lose interest in things that don’t help my goals well enough. Technically roleplaying would help me practice writing, but it’s hard to find good roleplays, and by the time I do that I might as well work on my fanfictions and original stories.

  2. notleia says:

    My personal style is pretty androgynous (meaning I still dress like a homeless college student), but as much as I want cut-glass cheekbones, I inherited the demure-looking round face of my grandmothers. I woulda been considered a hottie at the turn of the last century, I’ll have you know.

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